I used to have this habit wherein every few months or so, I’d look at various veterinary medicine curricula (I discovered just now that that’s the proper plural form of ‘curriculum’, by the way). I remember wanting so badly to take those subjects. I was jealous of anyone who did. I imagined being in that school (at the time, it was UPLB) and frolicking around with all the animals I’d get to interact with.

 One subject in the curriculum would always stand out to me. Every vet med school had its staples: feline surgery, canine surgery, the usual. But then, there was “zoonoses”. It was always one of the majors they all had in common, and I was baffled as to what ‘zoonoses’ was. Well, as long as it had ‘zoo’ in the title, right? Being the productive person I am, I didn’t bother looking it up. I figured I’d find out eventually.

Now, two years later, I can’t believe I’m finally taking Zoonoses. I’m in 4th year of vet med school. I’m going to graduate in (hopefully) 2 years. And I know exactly what Zoonoses means. :)